Acrylic fabric collection

Acrylic fabrics of the RECACRIL collection are high-quality fabrics made of coloured acrylic fibres resistant to fading. Specially designed fabrics for sun protection products. They are used for movable awnings, fixed awnings and parasols.

All spinning and weaving production processes are optimized to provide the fabric with high resistance to stretching and shrinkage. After the weaving process is completed, the Infiniti Process coating is applied.

The Infiniti Process coating is a final touch that offers exceptional water and dirt resistance, superior dimensional stability and creates durable fabric that remains aesthetically pleasing throughout its entire operating life.

The RECACRIL acrylic fabrics are very simple to handle, easy to cut, sew and make. The stronger spinning structure and smooth surface of the RECACRIL fabrics make printing easier. The closed structure of the yarn allows for less ink, resulting in sharper and more defined prints in screen printing.

The RECACRIL acrylic fabric collection complies with rigorous quality control throughout the manufacturing process, meeting all the requirements for the UNE-EN 13561 approval: 2004 + A1: 2009 (performance requirements, including awning safety).

The RECACRIL acrylic fabrics are extremely effective in sun protection, as they stop a high percentage of ultraviolet rays. The level of protection varies from one type of material to another depending on the weight, thickness and colour. Larger weight fabrics protect better, while darker fabrics provide better protection than brighter ones.

They offer a high level of UV protection, Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) up to +80 in accordance with the international UV Standard 801.

Acrylic fabrics are primarily designed for sun protection. The fabrics should be installed with a minimum inclination of 14°, which allows the RECACRIL fabrics to provide optimal protection from the sun and short periods of rain.

The guarantee on the RECARIL acrylic fabrics is 5 years.

The weight of the fabric is 305 gr/m2, roll width is 120 cm.

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