Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are made of polyester materials. All components are made by the Dutch manufacturer Coulisse.

The mechanism is made of aluminium rail, plastic coated in white, with a command for pulling (folding) and rotating the slats.

The slats can be rotated around their axis, which allows for regulation of light incidence in the room by adjusting whether the strips are partially or completely closed.

Width of the slats can be: 127 mm, 89 mm or 63 mm.

The blinds transmit light even when fully closed as they are made of semi-permeable materials. We also offer Blackout materials that do not allow the passage of light, as well as Screen materials that are perforated and have a fireproof certificate.

You can also choose the way the slats open: only to one side, from the middle to the ends and vice versa, or partially by dividing into several segments, etc.