Pergola awning

The Pergola awning model is a type of retractable awning/roof, which consists of aluminium elements and provides safety and durability, since it was tested in extreme weather conditions such as strong winds, rain and sun exposure during summer. It offers durable protection with certified sun, rain and wind resistance.

The Pergola is ideal for larger areas. All aluminium elements can be plastic coated in any colour of our selection. The fabric is made of PVC Block Out material, which, among other things, is intended for protection against bad weather. The Somfy electric motor, which is an integral part of the Pergola, is built in the shaft and completely invisible.

The additional elements for the supporting structure can be made of different materials (metal, aluminium, wood), all in agreement with the architect and according to the approved conceptual design. We can also offer side canopies made of lightweight materials or vertical screen shading mechanisms.

Today’s trend in the hospitality industry is that more and more attention is paid to the appearance and functionality of the terrace. We have adapted to this trend and included the Pergola awning model in the production. It turned out to be just the beginning, which led us to develop an entire outdoor concept, from a conceptual design that is always in line with contemporary design trends, to a turnkey implementation.

The concept is based on the movable roof of the Pergola awning, but its final form is shaped by elements such as wood, glass and aluminium in various combinations, quality levels and material prices.

If you want a unique and modern winter-summer terrace facility, with warm enough interior to make guests feel comfortable and happy to return to it, we will be happy to join forces and make your wish come true.