Standard parasols

The STANDARD parasols are made with aluminium structure, plastic coated in white, with a square vent in the middle on a separate structure, the so-called canopy.

The central pole is made of galvanized and plastic coated metal, Ø 50 x 44 mm, h = 3.00 m, wall thickness 3 mm.

The base is made of concrete with galvanized sheet metal on the side and a washed stone face. The base is 59 cm in diameter and weighs about 55 kg. The base tube is galvanized. It comes with “L” screws and nuts for securing the parasol pole to the base. The base handles are made of metal and their ends are built into the concrete mass, so that there is no possibility of the handle being pulled out.

We can offer acrylic fabrics for your parasols, which are also used for awnings, manufactured by the Spanish company S.A.Recasens. The weight of acrylic fabric is 305 g/m2.

Acrylic materials are protected by the Scotchgard protective layer. The Scotchgard waterproofing creates an invisible protective layer around each individual thread and is responsible for the exceptional resistance-to-humidity of the material (water-repellent) and resistance to various forms of dirt such as: oil, grease, industrial dust. It provides long-lasting protection of the material from frequent opening and closing of the parasol, as well as long-standing pleasing appearance.

The dimensions of the STANDARD parasols, with or without decorative hems, that we offer are:

  • 200 x 200
  • 250 x 250
  • 300 x 300
  • 350 x 350.