Semi-cassette mechanism

The semi-cassette mechanism consists of a semi-closed aluminium cassette. It contains a larger circular aluminium barrel onto which the selected fabric is wound, while a rectangular aluminium profile is placed on the bottom part of the fabric.

The brackets are made of aluminium and mounted on the cassette itself.

The blinds are raised and lowered using a chain on the left or right side of the mechanism. The chain is made of metal or PVC material.

The drive mechanism, chain, cassette covers and bottom caps are available in: white, beige, brown, grey and black, allowing plastic coating of the bottom aluminium profile in the desired colour and fitting into any interior.

A so-called invisible bottom profile is also available as an option. That means that the bottom profile is coated using the material of your selection.

The materials are grouped into polyester, blackout and screen material collections.

Maximum bearing capacity of the semi-cassette mechanism is 2.00 kg.

Maximum width at which it is made is 250 cm, and the height depends on the weight of the selected material.

All components and materials are made by Dutch manufacturer Coulisse.